Handcrafted with natural materials

Our creations are handmade, using materials that nature generously gives us.

Inside our boxes you will find pine cones, acorns, berries, leaves, moss, sawdust, galls, inflorescence, cane bamboo, wood, pebbles, sea shells...

Handcrafted with natural materials

We use couture fabrics, like cashmere, wool, merino wool, linen, cotton (jute sometimes!), made in Italy, Ireland and Scotland.

Handcrafted folding boxes, made of natural materials and fabrics.

The boxes are easily resealable necessary.

To ensure a long product life is advisable to use a package anti-moth placed inside the box, in order to preserve the natural elements and fabrics.

Handcrafted with natural materials
...Each box has a unique design object, made with passion and dedication, in full respect of Nature...